1 Millbridge Road Song

2 Katy Candlemas

3 Prof Prom and Dora

4 Pentadactyly

5 Chinese Twist

6 Desert in my Heart

7 Pilgrim

8 John and Marie

9 Make Me Well

10 The New Gnu Song

11 If You Leave it Too Late

12 No Competition

13 The Eye of the Beholder


INSTRUMENTATION: Tokai Stratocaster guitar, Hohner Telecaster guitar, Lowden S22 acoustic guitar, Ariana acoustic guitar, Epiphone 12-string acoustic guitar, Marlin Precision bass guitar, Chord ukelele, Violin, Martin Handcraft Committee 1 tenor sax, Selmer New Largebore alto sax, Yanagisawa S6 soprano sax, Bauhaus Walstein sopranino sax, Akai EWI 4000s wind controller, E-mu Proteus/2 orchestral synth, Yamaha Rockstar sampled drums (and other drum patches), WST2SF Steinway piano samples (and other keyboard patches), Swanee whistles, Ocarina, Kazoo, Jews harp, Hohner Echo Super Vamper harmonica 

Songs except * by Jon Garvey 1961-2014. All instruments, vocals and production by Jon Garvey. LA Studio, Dalwood, Devon, UK.  Recording 2014